Substance Plugin for Blender: Use substances (sbsar files) inside blender

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*This product is up just for historic purposes since Adobe finally launched their own native plugin for blender, for current users, if possible I will expand on adobes functionality to streamline the use of substances and I will let you know in time

This is a plugin to use Substance files (.sbsar) inside Blender

The latest update allows you to import the substances easier and adjust them to see the results in the viewport faster so you can iterate and speed up your texturing workflow.


Since the SBSAR format is proprietary and protected by Substance , to use this plugin is required that you have installed the Substance Automation Toolkit which is not included here, you need to directly acquire it from Substance

Install & Usage

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Version Info

The latest  plugin version was built with/for:

  • BLENDER 2.8 and higher
  • working with Eevee, Cycles and Octane
  • Substance Automation Toolkit 2019.3.0 and higher

Version Info

  • Use Substance files from Substance designer (.sbsars) directly in Blender
  • Out of the box support for the materials available in Substance Source
  • File browser for easy navigation between substances
  • Work with substances based on the PBR Metal/Roughness workflow
  • Works with Cycles, Eevee and Octane materials
  • Parameters are obtained dynamically from the substance file
  • Live viewport update (experimental)
  • Support for Emissive, Opacity, Height, and other additional channels
  • Auto-assign materials to the selected objects
  • Customizable bit-depth export
  • Material instancing for easy iteration
  • Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Roadmap (not an specific order)

  • Add pbr secular/glossiness workflow
  • Add more third party renderers support
  • Keyable parameters
  • +more...

Contact info

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I want this!

Using substance files inside blender is now possible! Fast, easy and out of the box.

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Substance Plugin for Blender: Use substances (sbsar files) inside blender

55 ratings
I want this!