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Substance Designer Mesh Importer

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This is a plugin to import OBJ files into Substance Designer as nodes or as bitmaps, depending if you need flexibility or performance

It is compatible with Windows and Mac (Linux coming soon...)

If you are thinking about getting this plugin illegally way please consider this first:

1) I'm a single developer so piracy really impacts me directly and that hurts the possibility to afford buying the software licenses I need to keep the plugin updated, also it reduces my ability to add new features.

2)Please read the "You really cannot afford it?" section in this webpage. Why bother getting the software illegally if there are ways to get it legally. I'm trying help everyone I can to get the plugin.

Install & Use

You can find the instructions in the zip or in my youtube channel

Instructions here:

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You really cannot afford it?

I still trust honest people that are in a rough situation, and I'm happy to help them, so you can contact me via discord, and we can talk about it, all I ask in return is that you show some kindness towards a stranger if you have the chance, remember the most important thing is to help each other!!! 

This plugin requires:

SD 2018.3.1+ (version

SD 2019+ (version

SD 2020+


- Create a node of the mesh imported if you need multiple angles (40 different angles)of it for example to scatter it, similar functionality to the 3d cube node, this is focused on flexibility when working inside Substance Designer

- Crate a simple bitmap render with a defined rotation inside your graph, this is focused on performance to keep the substance small at the price of flexibility

-Set the name of the node/ resource

-Define the resolution of the rendered mesh

-Support for UV's if you want to project a texture of the asset inside of Substance Designer


Linux compatibility


Thanks for the support! This will help me create a lot more cool stuff!!!

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All help & support of the plugin is made via the discord server click here so don't forget to join

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds in digital downloads so if you have any doubts ask first please!

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Substance Designer Mesh Importer

14 ratings
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